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About Advanced Steam Technology

Advanced Steam Technology Company LLC is a company formed in Brookfield Wisconsin. We have a 35 years experience working with steam systems and heat transfer equipment.

The AST products utilize steam to heat fluids, typically water, for building heat, humidification, domestic use, or for industrial processes. Typical purchase price for an AST hot water system is more than just a plain heat exchanger. When counting cost, consider the use of floor space, a condensate pump, bigger traps, bigger control valves, reducing station, relief valves, relief valve vent piping (usually the most expensive piece), and controls. This is in addition to the energy savings, which will happen every year, since the AST system discharges condensate WITH NO FLASH STEAM LOSS…

Best Fit

We find that the biggest demand is for “New Construction Projects”. The system has the most cost saving benefits when utilized in a new installation. A typical project would be a new hospital wing or university dormitory. These new buildings tap into an existing steam system for energy to heat water for building heat, showers, sinks, cleaning, etc.

We find the remaining are used in “Retrofit” applications. Large inefficient systems installed in the 1940s to 1960s are reaching the end of their useful life. The systems are so large that partial facility demolition (and asbestos clean-up) would be necessary to replace them. The AST system is compact enough to wheel through a doorway and tap into the existing piping.

Process heating units are mostly used in breweries, pharmaceuticals, and food processing facilities have high hot water demands that are well served by an AST system.