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Condensate Return Flash Injection Mixers

Introducing… the CF Condensate Mixers that save energy by utilizing flash steam energy that is wasted in “pots” or flash tanks along pumped condensate lines.

  • Reduce energy consumption of drip stations by between 5 – 15 percent
  • Save space

To reduce the expense of a high pressure steam drip station the Advanced Steam condensate return mixing station takes the place of a flash tank or separate return line. The unit is space-saving and eliminates the need for a separate high pressure return line. The valve is designed to sparge the flash into cooler condensate without causing a restriction.

Initially developed for use on our high efficiency hot water, savvy customers quickly understood its universal applicability and demanded it as a separate product.  Advanced Steam Flash Injection Mixers are available in line sizes up to 6 inch, and pressures up to 300 psi.

In traditionally designed valves, flash will form bubbles and collapse. Sparging is needed to stop hammering and potential pump cavitation.

This product by itself will bring a significant improvement to existing heat exchange systems with a traditional design.

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