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CX Clean Steam Generators

Besides being environmentally friendly, the Advanced Steam Technology CX system is:


  • Vertical design saves expensive mechanical room floor space
  • Skid sizes are small:
    • 36” by 50” for a 400 #/hr unit
    • 36” by 70” for a 1000 #/hr unit


  • Reduce or eliminate wasteful flash steam venting
  • Utilize steam wasted by flash losses
  • Optional flash recovery exchangers use the blowdown and exchanger condensate to pre-heat feed water


  • Lower installed cost than other steam generators

Easy to install

  • Only 4 connections required

LEED Certifiable for energy savings and innovation points when used with the optional feed water heater

Amines are used to neutralize acid that can form in heat exchangers and the condensate system. The issue with amines is that they vaporize…and flow with steam out into the system:

  1. In direct steam injection humidification systems the amines flow along with steam into the airstream
  2. In sterilizers and autoclaves the amines may be deposited on instruments or sterilized process products

Clean steam generators produce amine-free steam by using tap water (or purified water). Since humidifiers and autoclaves don’t have much condensate to return, amines aren’t needed.

The Advanced Steam Clean Steam Generators use the high pressure steam system as the energy input.

By using the existing steam for energy, clean steam is produced where you need it.

A primary control valve is at the top of the unit. It controls the heat input by sensing the leaving clean steam pressure, and controls the high pressure side based on the low pressure side.

In this simplified diagram, straight 100 psi steam is used to produce “clean steam” at 10 psi.

For autoclaves, the clean steam pressure is usually 50 psi. The clean steam is under pressure and can flow to the humidifiers as needed.

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