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XE Steam Exchangers

High Efficiency Steam Exchangers for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Water Based Heating Systems.

The XE Vertical heat Exchanger is a revolutionary steam control system designed for implementation in larger facilities that depend on Steam/Water heating systems. Its unique characteristics reduce greenhouse emissions because the system consumes less fuel and reduces the wasteful emission of flash steam. It also reduces operation costs and facility carbon footprint, while boasting a lower installation cost than other systems currently being installed.

System Benefits

Increased energy efficiency

  • Reduced or eliminated wasteful flash steam venting
  • Utilizes steam wasted by other water heaters
    • Save 20% of energy usage at 125 psig steam
    • Save 5% of energy usage at 15 psig steam

Economical Installation

  • Lower installation costs due to simpler design and fewer control devices
  • Simple installation requires only 4 connections
  • Reduce steam pipe size and cost

Better Temperature Control Accuracy

  • Control liquid leaving temperature:
    • at +/- 2F for Building Heat
    • at +/- 4F for Domestic Water

Small footprint

Skid-mounted/pre-piped design that reduced water consumption.

LEED Certifiable for energy savings and innovation points

Typical Configurations

The XE steam exchanger systems are available in multiple sizes:

  • Domestic water from 10 – 200 gpm.
  • Building heat from 10 – 1700 gpm.

Units can be duplexed for higher capacity and redundancy. High efficiency operation on steam pressures up to 175 psig.

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Examples Gallery

Superior Heat Exchanger Design
Duplex 400 gpm Building Heat on 60 psi steam
Duplex 125 gpm Domestic Water on 50 psi steam
Duplex 275 gpm Building Heat on 100 psi steam
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Design Simplicity Yields Higher Efficiency

The XE design extracts extra energy from condensate by using the lower part of the heat exchanger as a water to water exchanger. This simple design also eliminates the wasteful flash steam venting that is typical of other designs because of the lower outbound condensate temperature.

In this simplified diagram, straight 100 psi steam fills the unit, except for the bottom 20 percent. The condensate there is being cooled by the entering 160F return water. The unit is sized to cool the condensate to 200F, so it doesn’t flash.

The primary control valve is at the bottom of the heat exchanger, and adjusts the amount of flooding to meet the heat demand. Often times a pump is not needed to lift the condensate, because unlike a modulated steam unit, 100 psi is pushing the condensate.

200 Deg. F Condensate Benefits

  • Uses all available energy
  • Doesn’t flash
  • No vent flow
  • No DA make-up & chemical treatment
  • No heating make-up from 40F
  • Less likely to cavitate in pumps
  • Can be sized to below 140F for sewer discharge (on domestic or snowmelt)

The major difference between conventional and XE designs is the use of a control valve on the outlet that allows condensate to flood the lower portion of the heat exchanger.

See full system operation comparisons. Download Full Specifications PDF.